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  • No ready made garments!        

  • Every item is uniquely designed and created to represent the image your school portrays!

  • Very competitive manufacturing     pricing strategies, regardless of the complexity of the design.         

  • 3 years agreement allows us to   stock your fabric at no extra cost to you.          

  • Agreement allows us to stock         additional quantities, at no extra cost,   so in case your stock runs low, we can top-up your  order in a quick turn around.

  • On time delivery - Our factory is   focused soley on Schools and Universities, thus, we understand their deadlines!    

  • Every garment is individually       wrapped and bar coded.    

  • Garments are packed in               labeled, uniquely designed boxes for easy distribution and storage.  

  • Run low on stock? Quick turn around time on top-up orders, regardless the quantity!          

  • Distribution Experts! We’re happy to share our uniform distribution   experiences with your school, so   that you can enhance your           distribution process.

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